Sunday, March 25, 2012

#2 - Ides of Madness. Alternatives to breaking down, falling apart or cracking up.

The Ides of Madness keep marching,
And charging to bring our defeat.
Our sanity has now begun quaking,
Rationality has begun its retreat.

The Ides of Madness keep calling,
And eating our thoughts as fare.
Our clarity enticed by its lulling,
Good judgment soon will err. 

The Ides of Madness keep firing,
And lobbing rounds of our blight.
Our lucidity, once strong, is waning,
Sound reasoning is losing its fight.

The Ides of Madness keep charging,
And advancing in our own head. 
Our prudence is running for cover,
Clear perception trembling with dread.

The Ides of Madness keep attacking,
And assuring their will must prevail.
Our thoughts will need encouragement, 
Lest our humble insights will fail.

The Ides of Madness keep assaulting,
And assailing their delusion of mind.
Our vision now looking for weapons,
An arsenal of tactics we find. 

Most of us are familiar with that moment when we are at our wit's end, when we no longer know how or what to do, when we just wish life would go away.  It's a feeling we are all familiar with and we understand that overcoming that feeling can be challenging.  We here at the Chiari Carnival are tackling this tough subject and offering our thoughts on how to cope with these seemingly uncontrollable thoughts. 

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