Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#5 - Creative Chiari

Please allow me this opportunity to sincerely apologize for the delay in posting June's Chiari Carnival.  There was a death in my family and I was assisting in settling the affairs, cleaning out the apartment, etc.  As soon as I had a break from that task my sister fell ill and was in the hospital for several days needing a blood transfusion.  So, life has really thrown a couple of curve balls my way.

This month's theme is Creative Chiari.  We simply wanted to share with our reader's the creative ways we deal with stress, pain, frustrations, life, etc.  This is what we do that puts smiles on our faces and reminds us that beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere.

I am going to start this month off with Kyle's blog Kyle's Chiari Malformation Battle.  He does an excellent job of reminding us to stay young and playful with his Creative Chiari post.  It has inspired me to put a few things on my shopping list. ;)

Life with DisAbilities gives us a great list of things Created by this Chiarian. I love this list! I never thought about it but baking and reading are great creative outlets!

April is still fighting through her symptoms over at Zipperheads.  Please stop by June Chiari Carnival and My Follow Up and send her your words of encouragement.

Chiari-Life shows us some amazing examples of woodburning, drawing and baking on her blog post Creative Chiari.

Shalunya has plenty of photos showing some of the things caused by Creative Chiari!

And we should not forget that blogging is an amazing creative outlet! So dear readers please tell us what creative things you do.  You can also email photos to shalunya@live.com and we will feature them in an upcoming blog post.

Enjoy your summer and find some creative ways to stay cool!