Sunday, September 2, 2012

September is Chiari Awareness Month

A few states have proclaimed September to be Chiari Awareness Month.  In hopes of spreading awareness the Chiari Carnival would like to everyone with Chiari to answer 20 questions about their Chiari.   Post it on your Facebook, Blog, Tumblr or any where else you would like!  Feel free to link your posted answers in the comments below.

20 Things about my Chiari 

1. Diagnosed when?

2. Decompressed, if so when?

3. Other additional conditions, if so which ones?

4. Have you personally met someone else with Chiari?

5. Most challenging symptom(s)?

6. Most embarrassing Chiari moment?

7. Biggest Chiari frustratsions(s)?

8. Number of medications in your personal medicine cabinet?

9. Number of Doctors/Therapists stored in your phone?

10. Do you attend Dr appointments solo or with support?

11. Biggest regret that Chiari has created?

12. Biggest lesson that Chiari has taught?

13. Favorite non-medicinal therapy?

14. Worst medicinal side effect?

15. Biggest change in your life since diagnosis?

16. Worst medical test?

17. Hardest thing to give up because of Chiari?

18. Have you become more or less religious since diagnosis?

19. Where do you find enjoyment now, that you didn't before?

20. Favorite Chiari websites?

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  1. I have posted my answers on my blog.

    Let's spread the word!